Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A simple dream...

Every body has a dream.. to be able to do something that they cannot do yet!

Well, all my life, I always want to be able to draw, or paint, or (at least) sketch.. I mean properly!

I'm telling the truth here.. that I passed my Junior High School art grade, because my art teacher asked me to do each assignment TWICE, then he ADDED both my grades (for the same assignment) to make up for the PASS grades!

My art teacher, Pak Wedo, was such a kind person, so that regardless how bad I was in creating art pieces, I still keep my dream until this very moment.. I want to be able to draw sketches (if painting is such a far-fetched dream) of all the things I see and find interesting, such as the afternoon sky, beautiful blooming flowers, my children's face expressions, mountain side view with rice fields, etc. ..

There is a picture up on the corner of the bedroom that my husband drew when he was a kid, and a painting that he painted of one of his friends, and I think they are amazing! People who can express their mind in art pieces are just AMAZING!!

Anyway.. without any intention to 'promote' my work.. because I really only want to share my story with you.. here I am attaching the sketch I did the other night while watching with the boys playing on the computer..

The boys think the sketch is beautiful, although I'm sure, they think that just because their age!


  1. I think It's wonderfull...
    By seeing the sketch, i don't understand what you mean by saying that "you can't draw properly". certainly can make a different between near & far and so on...(i don't really know the name in drawing area for this)

  2. Lioncatstar..

    Thank you for your supportive comment.. :-)

    I'm not sure if the perspective (near and far views) in this sketch are entirely correct, but I did enjoy doing it very much.. ;-)

  3. siapa bilang ga bisa gambar? lha ini bagus .. mosok bawa'an bayi jeung..? Gambar ini menunjukkan si artis membuatnya sepenuh hati..

  4. Mba Ami

    Makasih, Mba.. :-) Emang sepenuh hati kok menggambarnya.. dan kayaknya sih bukan bawaan bayi.. soalnya memang dari dulu, bisa gambarnya cuma ini aja.. hehehe...

    Makanya pengen minta diajarin menggambar sama Mba Ami.. hihihi...

  5. bagus sih neng … tapi standar banget .. hi hi hi …

    My dream … aku selalu ingin menjadi penyiar radio and interior designer ………



  6. Mba Ida

    Hihihi.. dari jaman kecil sampe segede gini 'skill' menggambarku gak pernah berkembang, jadi yaaa.. standar deh (kebanyakan bergelut sama angka kali yaa..) hahaha..

    Aku bisa tuh ngebayangin Mba Ida jadi penyiar radio.. pas jam-jam yang muterin lagu-lagu 'oldies'.. suara Mba Ida pas.. ;-)

  7. Hmm.... a nice picture....., if it is done by an elementary school girl. ha ha ha ... Sorry

  8. Hahaha... you don't need to apologise, Mother.. Because you are absolutely right.. :-)

    I think, Aza will be able to draw much better than me very soon.. ;-)


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