Thursday, 4 February 2010

Me vs. Pre-schooler..

Taking age into consideration.. Aza definitely can draw better than me.. :-)

The first picture is Aza's drawing of a very big 'Dragon Sword'..

The second picture is the artist with his masterpiece.. and a picture of his family.. :-D


  1. Really, I do like to see Aza's Dragon Sword......
    But, when The Dragon Sword completely stuck on the cuboard wall, I just think we need a new cupboard..... hix ...hix...

  2. Oh, don't worry, Yangti...

    The cupboard is still intact.. and when it gets too crowded with pictures, Aza always wipes it clean again, with tissue and water.. hahaha...

  3. Ooo, so you think it will be as clean as before??.... Oh, The poor cupboard !!...he he he ...

  4. Well.. whenever it's too hard for the boys.. usually Mr. Dad will use thinner to clean it up.. whenever he does, the cupboard was as clean as new.. ;-)

    Mr. Dad came up with the idea.. to 'focus' the boys drawing area.. :-D

  5. And Mr.Dad always right, does he ?? aha... aha aha......


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