Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Not just yet..

Here is Aza in the morning..

Ugh.. Dad took over my bed.. But I'm not ready to wake up yet.. So, the floor it is.. Zzzzz...


The big butterfly is flying inside the house..

When a butterfly is found inside the house, people say that a a guest from far away is coming..

When the butterfly is a big one, people say that the guest is someone that the home dwellers love/respect..

I'm not a big fan of superstition, but it is a nice thought that a guest is coming for a visit..

Now, let's wait and see, who will the guest be :-)

(There were actually two butterflies inside the house.. Does it mean there will be more than one guest?)


Late night creativity..

I guess Aza is really ready for school now.. Playing at home just doesn't satisfy him anymore.. and, his energy is just too much to be used up in a day.. :-)

Aza has been the last to go to sleep. He doesn't make much problem, it's just I cannot sleep before he enters the bedroom, because I'm worried he might lose track of time (Aza doesn't read the clock well yet).

Last night, he was using Kid Pix (he hasn't used this program for some time) and he knocked on the bedroom door to get me to save his work.. and it was around 9.30 p.m.

This is what he drew last night..

I'm really, really tempted on letting him sleep by himself in the study, because now, he doesn't sleep on our bed anyway.. he sleeps in our bedroom, but on his own bed.. :-)

.. and .. the Tauren is down..!

The best thing with dad being home is that the boys can have a common opponent!

And the best victory for them is when they manage to defeat the Tauren together.. Hahahaha...

(Yess.. I live with these three 'World of Warcraft' fans!)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ariq's new plane

Craft project is always the best cure when Ariq is bored..

I bought this cut-and-glue plane for Aza to cut and Ariq to glue.. But when Ariq found the craft set, he just started doing it until he finished it..

Ariq was a little bored the past few days.. Gladly, putting this plane (and fixing Aza's sword) was finally brightening him up.. :-)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ariq.. The Super Brother..

Why is Ariq Aza's number one hero?

Because Ariq is good at fixing Aza's broken toys..

Just like this sword.. ;-)

Thank you, Ariq.. :-)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Satria Mandala Museum (Armed Forces Museum)

I definitely recommend this museum to parents with children who are interested in armed forces..

Satria Mandala (Armed Forces) Museum is located on Jl. Gatot Subroto kav. 14-16, Jakarta Selatan 12710. It is quite easy to reach from any parts of Jakarta, and the parking area is spacious.

The entry fees are inexpensive, even if you want to take the whole extended family members (nephews, nieces, cousins, etc.).. ;-)

The galleries are wide and the collections are of good range. All the weapons are displayed inside, while the tanks and planes are outside.

The museum might not look fancy, but children will have a GREAT TIME there (and you will too), because.. all the original collections are safely put in glass boxes, and replicas are put as displays and children can touch them!

Leave it to the power of children's imagination, very soon you will be drawn into the past.. the time when Indonesia was fighting for independence.. ;-)

The only thing that parents need to keep in mind is that there is no eating place in the museum complex, apart from a few regular hawkers settled under the shaded area in the parking lot. There were mie ayam (chicken noodle), ketoprak (vermicelli, rice cake, bean sprouts and tofu in peanut sauce), siomay (dimsum in peanut sauce) and drinks.

While the food and drink are OK for snacks, they might not be filling enough as 'real' lunch. So, you might have to set the visit to allow sometime between the end of the visit and the time you need to get to your chosen place for lunch..

Ariq and Aza really love this museum. They keep asking for another visit! Below are pictures from our first visit last November..

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Don't mess with me! I know your 'switch'!

Scene 1

Ariq (provoking Aza about toys): Mine is better, yours is not as good as mine!

(half-crying, pointing his finger at Ariq): If you keep hassling me, I will go to Cipete right now! And you can miss me all you can!

-Cipete is where my parents live. Aza sometimes stays there for a few days when he is bored at home.-

(stopped giggling): No! You're not going anywhere! Let's watch DVD.. your pick!

Then, they sat down on the couch watching DVD.. Gladly, one boy on one couch (otherwise, peace would only be a 5-minute thing!)

Scene 2

Aza (running to me in the study, after slamming the study door behind him): Mum, lock the door please.. Don't let Ariq in! Let's play on the computer and leave Ariq out!

(outside the study, crying and shouting): Mum! Open the door! I don't want to be here alone!

(in an attempt for negotiation): Ariq, please have a moment! Watch a DVD or play with your Play Station! Let's have a quiet hour for a change..

(banging the door): Mum! Let me in!

(looking at Aza): Can I let him in?

(taking a deep breath then looking back to the computer screen): OK..

(unlocking the door for Ariq): Can't you just give in for once, Ariq? You're lucky your brother decides to let you in!

(coming into the study and sitting on the floor, whining).

(looking at Ariq, pointing a finger): You can come in with one condition! YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH ME!

(nodding and walking towards Aza).

They finally sat down and played together for about an hour.. :-)

Scene 3

I was praying and Aza was following me, on a separate prayer mat next to me. Ariq, who was supposed to be having a shower came and had the 'tickle' to hassle Aza.

Move over! I want to use the mat!

I've had it first! I was the one who put it on the floor!

(tapping Aza's head to get him to bow down and leave): Come on! Quickly finish your prayer! I want to use the mat too..

(getting annoyed): Don't touch my head! Go on! Why don't you try hitting your own head to the floor while praying.. You'll know how hurtful it can be?!

(provoking Aza): My fists are just as strong as the floor!

I finally broke my prayer, at the same time Mother arrived at my side!

: Ariq! You are supposed to be having a shower, and you're not supposed to be rough with your brother! If he is hurt, I feel hurt too!

: If you are hurt, your mum and I are sad.. If your brother is hurt, your mum and I are sad too! A big brother is supposed to watch out for his little brother! Your brother loves you a lot! Go on now, into the bathroom! Quit hassling your brother and have a shower!

: Ariq! Shower! Now! Here is your towel.. and your clean clothing (the nanny actually prepared the clothing near the bathroom, but Ariq wouldn't have noticed it if Aza hadn't pointed it out to him)! If you are naughty, I will stay in Cipete!

: See, Ariq! Your brother even prepared your towel and clothing for you.. He loves you a lot!

-After a few minutes-

(drying himself with the towel Aza gave him): I like Aza.. and I love him a lot.. because he is very nice, Grandma.. I love everybody in the world.. I only don't love one person (his finger pointing at me)..

(hiding giggles): Your mother should be first on your love list.. but for now, you should always keep in mind to take care of your little brother.. Big brothers are meant to love and protect their little brothers, not to hurt them!

Aza (climbing the window iron bars): Ariq, let's go.. but if you hassle me again, I'll go to Cipete!

Hmm.. Aza might be little.. but he got the right idea! The last time he stayed in Cipete for one week, Ariq was practically begging him to come home.. :-P

Now, with a little 'leverage' from me or Mother, he knows how to 'corner' Ariq!

It might be a couple of more years until they can fully understand their brotherly bond and restrain their thoughts about hassling each other all the time.. ;-)