Monday, 10 November 2014

Peek-A-Boo.. I see you.. And I scare you..!!

Hi Everyone..

I know it is not nice to stay quiet for too long, but, juggling time can be almost impossible sometimes. So, I apologise..

As unexpected as it is.. I can't believe that the reason I am writing in this blog again, after almost a year without any posts is a mantis...


Yes.. A MANTIS..

I've come across them many times since a was very young, but never realised how interesting they are until today..

This morning we had visitors at home. My husband's high school friend with his family. When they were leaving, around late morning, there was a mantis on the orchid leaf in the front yard. Since I have never have a photo session with mantis, I thought it would be nice to do it while the weather was nice.

The mantis was not running away. It was slowly moving from one leaf to another, and it was cooperative when I held a twig in front of it to move it to a different bush. I really had a great time shooting it.

While taking pictures, I started to realise that the mantis seem to be aware of my presence at all times. Every time I moved my camera, The mantis moved its head towards me (or my camera) . I had its face in almost every shot. I think it was amazing. It didn't seem to be scared by me, unlike some other animals that usually try to run away from me when I take their pictures.

I See You..

I Still See You.. 

After a while, I noticed something else, the mantis did a little head shake from side to side, every time I happened to be facing it face to face. And, it started to stand face to face with me more directly. Not looking at me sideways anymore..

Ready.. Get Set.. JUMP!

After this last shot, where I caught it standing at the top of a tall leaf, suddenly, the mantis crouched, and.. JUMPED TOWARDS ME!

I jumped and screamed, as the mantis landed on my head. Gladly I was wearing a headscarf, so that its legs didn't get tangled in my hair. In panic, I shook my head and waved my hand on my head to get rid of the mantis.. But the mantis was nowhere to be seen..

I went inside to change my clothes, but it was not on my clothes either.. So, I decided to make sure that the mantis was alright. Not hurt or anything when I flicked it with my hand..

It took me a few seconds to finally see it, on top of Sinta and Joe's car.. It was calmly walking, as if enjoying the smooth feeling of the car, compared to the rough surface of leaves..

Me and My Shadow..

Look at me, I'm dancing..

I thought the mantis looked great on the car, and I started to take pictures again. But this time, as soon as the mantis started moving its head towards me, acknowledging my presence, I decided to stop the photo session. I didn't want to experience the jump for the second time..

It was really a great photo session with the mantis..

Thank you for reading and see you again soon..

Peek-A-Boo.. I See You..

See You Later.. 


Later in the afternoon, I told my husband about the mantis shaking its head. He said that it was the mantis' way of scaring a stranger.. Well, I learn my lesson now..