Friday, 5 February 2010

Advanced Puzzle..

Hihihihi... I found mum's mobile phone.. It is soooo much better than the puzzle boards she bought me!

OK.. Let's see which goes where.. Here comes the back cover..

Oooo.. I don't think I want this game to be over yet.. Let's take a deep breath and finish it later!

Children toys companies should really consider making 3D jigsaw puzzle based on every day things, such as mobile phones, television, computer and peripherals, stereo systems, etc.

Those things are far more interesting and challenging for children compared to the currently available jigsaw puzzle in toy stores..

Those companies just need to keep the prices 'friendly' for parents.. ;-)


  1. Yes, but don't forget that the conventional puzzle toy, can make the children motoric muscle growing better and balance.

  2. Very true..

    I suppose, different types of toys are meant for different age groups and serve different purposes in assisting children's growth and development..

    Thank you for the important note.. ;-)

  3. don't do it on dad's phone :D

  4. Yes..... and don't do it on my hp... he he he ...


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