Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Expressions in artworks..

The best thing about Ariq.. is that he never gives up!

He did not stop being creative even when he was feeling very uncomfortable (before and during the first few days after he had his tonsils operation)..

This was the artwork he did four days before the operation.. At that time, his tonsils were swollen and the fish bone was stuck on the right one..

These are the artworks he did on the day after his operation.. He was still feeling very sleepy from the painkiller and his throat was still feeling 'funny'..

These are the ones he did two days after the operation.. He strongly refused soft food at this stage (except noodle soup) and he was quite grumpy when he was hungry, because he couldn't wait to start being active again..

Finally, this is the one he did four days after the operation (after he had his first 'normal meal').. He was feeling very happy about the great meal, but his throat was having its first 'real' adjustment to solid food.. so, he was having quite a mixed feeling..

Somehow I think, Ariq's artworks always do a good job expressing his feelings and moods.. :-)


  1. how creative are u Ariq...!
    Good job!

    Indri..post ini mengaspirasi saya u menulis ttg Irfan dan hobby gambarnya!..should i?

  2. Dear Mba Ami,

    I think you should..

    Irfan will be very happy to see his works being displayed on his mum's blog.. ;-)


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