Monday, 8 February 2010

History is repeating itself..

The other morning, Aza, my 3-year-old son, said to me, "Mum, last night I called Nabila using your phone."

Instictively, I checked the log but I didn't see any new outgoing calls. So I said to him, "Was it in your dream?"

He grinned and nodded.

End of story.. or, so I thought..

At midday, a message arrived on my mobile phone, from my friend, Nabila's mother, "Do you know that last night Aza chatted with Nabila on mobile phone? Watch your phone! He can dial people now and spend your credit!"

OUCH!!! It wasn't in his dream!! It just didn't show on the log.. somehow..!!!

I checked my mobile phone credit.. and.. what left was only enough to send 2 messages!

I replied my friend's text message, "So, it was for real! He told me he did but the call did not show on the log, so I thought he was only dreaming about calling Nabila."

My friend replied again, "Oh, it was for real! They chatted, they even talked about Ariq a little.. It was cute.."

Hhmmpphh.. Three years ago, I had to watch my mobile phone closely, when Ariq started memorising phone numbers and calling people he knew.. and now, it's Aza's turn to go through that phase..

History is repeating itself.. and.. I have to turn into Merlin (or Albus Dumbledore?), to keep things in order.. :-P


  1. Oh my God !!.... So I must be careful with my Hp now.....Hmmmm.... again ...and again....

  2. anak cerdas!..kreatif...dan bikin ibunya enjoy ur life mommy!

  3. Dear Mother..

    Yesss... you have to watch your mobile phones carefully too.. hihihi... :-P

  4. Dear Mba Ami...

    Haduuuhhh, Mba.. beli pulsa harus yang sedikit2 lagi deh.. padahal udah seneng2 Ariq udah ngerti soal pulsa HP jadi bisa ngirit, beli pulsa bisa langsung banyak, eh.. giliran Aza sekarang 'belajar' nelepon pake HP.. hahaha..

    Enjoy aja lah.. ;-)


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