Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cutting and gluing..

Aza really loves cutting and gluing shapes..

I saw this creativity pack in the supermarket, I thought he might like it, although I wasn't sure whether the creativity pack would be too hard or too easy for him..

It turned out that Aza enjoyed the project very much.. He let Ariq cut one shape and he let me cut two.. But the rest, he did himself.. with only little help gluing the cut shapes to the paper board using sticky tape.. :-)

Nice work!


  1. when Aza in my room, he always asked me some papers and started to draw.He liked to draw a sword. Not Dragon Sword, but Kitaro Sword, he said. And when he Asked me to draw the kitaro Sword and I did it, he always shout : That it was not Kitaro Sword....he he he , and he then did it himself . ,He has many ideas, and very enthusiasm in drawing, cutting etc. He has a talent for Arts..

  2. Yes.. he is very creative and artistic.. ;-)

    I will have to try harder to 'catch' one of his pictures done with Kid Pix to put up here..

    It is always hard to save his pictures because whenever he is done, he always quickly clears the screen with an 'eraser bomb'.. :-)


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