Monday, 22 February 2010

I found more of Aza's work on my computer..

I kept reminding Aza to close all the applications and games he plays with every time he is done with them, but somehow, he keeps leaving his arts open..

Maybe.. just maybe.. he has been doing it on purpose (without realising it). Maybe.. he is not sure of how to save his works and leaves them open for me or Ariq to save them for him?? Clever boy!

Now, every time I walk back to the computer, I always find something interesting on the screen, so I save them..

Aza's art works are really getting better every time..

I found these ones during last week..

These are the two I found today (the purple one only had a few square shapes when I found it, then Aza worked back on it with Ariq when I asked him about it)..

I hope he keeps making more cute art works..

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