Saturday, 27 February 2010

Gecko family watch..

I haven't really done any animal watch around the house lately, since my spider was gone.. However, the other day, I just thought about looking through the back of the big painting in the back terrace to take pictures of the geckos.

There have always been two geckos there, but when I lifted the painting, I found THREE! The new one was still quite small, only slightly bigger than a normal 'cicak' -a little lizard-.

I was very happy because I managed to get good shots at them...

Anyway.. here are the pictures..

I managed to capture the three geckos on my mobile phone screen, but the little one (you can see the tail on the right) was afraid of the flash and tried to get away..

This big red gecko was looking at me as I was taking its picture, but it turned aside at the sound of 'click'..

This green one is the biggest (and looks the meanest), I don't like being too close, so I was just happy to take a shot of its back.. sorry..


  1. waduhhhh...diperlukan keberanian untuk memotret kreatur ini...kalo saya sudah loncat2 bu...(sambil merindingggg!)

  2. Waaahhh.. Mba Ami gak lihat aja 'pose'-ku waktu memotret mahluk2 ini... hihihi...

    Tangan terjulur panjaaaannnggg... trus, mata berpindah2 antara layar HP dan objek foto.. takut 'sang objek' tiba2 lompat ke arah fotografer..

    Sesekali melihat sekeliling juga, soalnya kadang ada lebah atau ngengat lewat-lewat juga.. :-P

  3. Semuanya kalah dong sama Aza.....


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