Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Family Photo

As usual, at the beginning of academic year, Ariq and Aza have to submit personal and family photos to their classes.

Our previous photos did not have Kyra in them, so, we decided to have new photos taken with Kyra included! At first, we thought about going to a photo studio, but due to the busy days we are having this weekend, we changed our minds and had the photos taken, in the morning, at home, with Mother as the photographer.

What a challenge!! (Kyra, that is.. not Mother, of course..)

Yes, yes, you guess right... It was nothing like having family photos taken in a photo studio.. Hahaha..

Below are the photos from this morning..

Aza: Look, I can make my fingers pose for the picture!
Ariq: But you won't know when Grandma hits 'click'!
Kyra: Let me down, Mum! I want to see Aza's fingers!

Aza: When will it be over? It's too hot!
Ariq: I'll hide behind Kyra's dress..
Kyra: Oh, come on boys! Get a grip!

Trust me.. it was a challenge.. but also lots of fun!!

-Saturday, 23 July 2011-