Monday, 30 August 2010


I was only playing around with this picture.. But it came out nice.. :-)

Friday, 13 August 2010

Photo time..

Dad: I've got you, Aza.. You can't runaway..

Aza: Move your head, Dad.. It's heavy! Haha.. I've got your hand, Kyra!

Kyra: No.. No.. Aza, don't bite my hand! Ariq, move your fingers! I want my face in the picture..

Ariq: Take TWO! Quick, Mum.. Before Kyra cries..

Mum: Hold still, guys! Stop talking! Stop moving! This one has to be perfect..

Dad: Be still, Aza!

Aza: I'm bored.. Glad that Kyra's hand looks nice..

Kyra: Oh no.. He's going to chew on my hand..

Ariq: I've run out of smile here..

Mum: 'click' .. Ugh.. Can we do it one more time?

Everyone: Not a chance!

Mum: Ah, well.. At least I have the four of you in one nice picture now.. ;-)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The awaited wedding.. at last.. :-)

After all the hectic days following Sinta and Joe's unique engagement ceremony.. (which felt almost like living without breathing for days..)
Finally, the bride came home two weeks before the wedding and the groom came home one week after her.

Thanks to the confident management skill of the bride and grooms parents' and the high expertise of everyone involved (family and friends who were in the wedding committee), Sinta and Joe's wedding successfully took place on Friday, 30th of July 2010.

Our home was brilliantly turned into a spacious and beautiful hall for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony went well and not much off from the scheduled time (despite the very bad traffic near home that morning).

After the ceremony, The newly-wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jauhary Arifin, were greeting all the guests with a happy smile.

Sinta and Joe were wearing semi-traditional Javanese outfit for their wedding day. Sinta designed the dress herself (after she was home) and the dressmaker successfully made it in one week! (I can't think of anyone else who ever had their wedding dress made in one week).

The wedding ceremony was quite simple and straight forward and early lunch was served afterwards.

Wedding procession was followed by the wedding reception on the Saturday noon, 31st of July 2010, at the reception hall (Gedung Serbaguna Senayan).

For this occasion, Sinta had chosen for both of them to wear 'Solo-Basahan', a traditional Javanese outfit that is always worn by the Javanese royal family in their weddings. This outfit, with several layers of cloths covering waist down and a thick black velvet top with gold embroidery, shows grandeur. The accessories (the groom's crown and the bride's head ornaments) are made of gold-colored material, but in a real royal wedding, they will be made of real gold.

Everyone (the wedding committee and family) has been ready at the reception hall for a few hours, so, the procession started on time and everyone (family and guests) was having a great time.

Oh.. It has been a few years since our own wedding.. but, we couldn't resist the temptation to have our picture taken and have it displayed here.

We -and all other family members- were wearing simple traditional outfit. The men's outfit was completely traditional, while the women's outfit was semi-traditional.

This picture was taken in the dressing room, after the reception, before we changed back into our everyday clothing.

The whole wedding procession was really nice, and was definitely worth waiting for..

Congratulation on your wedding, Sinta & Joe..
All our best wishes for the future throughout your married life..

A new skill..

I woke up at midnight and wondered why Kyra hadn't 'screamed' for milk..
Apparently, she has learned a new skill to overcome her hunger and thirst.. :-P
Don't you know that your mother is a light sleeper and a nocturn, honey? She is often still up when you are already fast asleep.. Feeding you is never a problem, sweetheart.. ;-)
Having said that..
Please take your thumb out of your mouth, before it becomes a habit!