Friday, 12 February 2010

Ooppsss... I forgot..

I just opened Aza's folder on the computer.. and guess what??!! There are two of Aza's work there!

WOW! I completely forgot that I successfully saved those two for future viewing.. ;-)

These pictures are not his best, but, these are the ones I managed to save..

The abstract drawing was done with Kid Pix Deluxe 4.. He was only playing with the colour PINK..

While the house.. well, Aza asked me to draw it for him, but then he decided it wasn't good enough for him to colour! Ugh!

At least with this one, he put dots on the roof and planted a small tree over my flower.. my other house drawing.. he completely scribbled over it.. He said that the house collapsed because of the big hurricane! Hmmppff...


  1. Your Azza..really a very creative kid! to see and know the reason why he did that!..hahaha!

  2. Definitely his father's genes, Mba (and my parents' probably).. but not mine.. hahahaha...


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