Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Smile is out of stock..

Yes, smile has been out of my inventory list for almost a couple of weeks now..

The week before last, it was cloudy and humid for almost the whole week, and the air inside the house was not fresh at all -even when we opened the windows and doors almost all day- and all sorts of insect were starting to be 'visible' around the house..

Not sure which one decided to pick a fight with us, the boys and I got bitten.. and I got the worst case! At first I thought it was the red ants, but red ant's bit usually went away pretty quickly and did not cause a rash this bad..

This insect (we never saw it bit, we just felt the pain afterwards) caused a bite that stings at first, then it became itchy followed by swelling. After being treated with Dettol or Betadine for a couple of days -which accompanied by heavy-like feeling around the swollen parts-, the poison started coming out and the swelling would flatten.

It might sound that it was becoming better, but actually not really yet.. Once the poison was out and the swelling was gone, the area where the insect had originally bitten would be open (I suspected that the sting came out along with the poison), then the wound would start to feel painful, just like when your skin is scraped by accident..

Phew.. my wound is in healing process, as it looks quite dry today, but after I changed the bandage earlier this evening, the stinging still stayed somehow.. It's just making me hard to sleep.. I'm still grateful though because last week, when the wound was still swollen, I couldn't walk almost at all (I got bitten on my foot, near the toes). I'm also grateful that the boys' got less serious cases than mine..

I'm still not sure what had bitten us, but thankfully, the sun has been brightly shining this week and the air inside the house has been much better..

I haven't turned into an angry monster or anything as scary.. it's just it's hard to smile when I wince a lot.. I'm really hoping this wound will completely heal in a couple of days so I can have a beautiful weekend instead of staying at home and bored again...

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