Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Done?? Is it? Really???

Wow! I can't believe it!

The 86-page journal of my mother-in-law performing the pilgrimage to Mecca with her parents (who at that time were already over 80 years old), is completely done and ready to be taken to the publisher.

Mother actually had taken the first 'final' draft to the publisher before the New Year, but the people in the publishing company were already busy with catching up with last minute work and year-end reports, so they informed her that they were not going to start new readings until after the new year (it's really nice of them to be honest)..

Therefore, mother gave the journal another look and made a few final adjustments (little ones but I agree with her that these changes are important to make). I edited her adjustments over the holiday and today, the draft was finally done! (I even managed to give it a new-and-better cover page).

Yay! I'm happy about it.. :-)

At the same time, though.. I'm getting a feeling that I often have after completing a big task/assignment.. it is almost like an anti-climax when reading a suspense story.. It is done! But is it really??? Did I forget something? Do I need to come back again later?

Mother is now in the middle of her new book. This time it's about.. (ouch! I'm not going to reveal anything yet).. Anyway, it is a very interesting book.. I really can't wait to read and edit it!


  1. I am sorry,I've stolen your time..he he..he he...he
    But You know... ,Without Your interference....I can't finish my books. You are very helpful. Thank you.....

  2. Hehehe...

    It's my pleasure.. always.. :-)

    Anyone can start writing anytime, but not everyone can have the experience of editing other people's work, and that is a very valuable experience to have..

    Keep writing, Mother.. because I learn a lot from reading your work.. ;-)


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