Tuesday, 5 January 2010

End-of-Year Holiday

I was away from the internet for a little over a week, since my husband and I are trying to make up for Ariq's sad holiday (last end of academic year in June). Gladly both Ariq and Aza have been well this holiday so that we managed to have a wonderful time together...

The best trip was last Saturday to the Miniature Park of Indonesia (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah), where all Indonesian cultures are shown in the park (real size traditional houses with manequins (is it the correct spelling?) wearing the traditional dresses inside the houses with scheduled shows of traditional dances in the open spaces of the traditional houses.

In the park, first we went to see a 4-D movie, where we didn't only see the picture in 3-D images, but also feel some of the effects (like wind breeze and sprinkle of water). The kids were very excited and tried to reach and grasp all the images 'coming out' of the screen..

Then, we visited the Reptile Museum and Komodo Park. Various live snakes, lizzards and crocodiles were displayed. In most of the reptile's cages, there were also a few little chicks for the reptiles' prey. At first I felt pity for the little chicks, but then, I understood that it was the chain of food at work.

The reptiles did not disturb the little chicks at all, even when they were running around and often accidently walked all over the sleeping reptiles. One cobra was freightening the 'all too loudly chirping' little chicks by standing up and hissing for a few minutes, but then, it just pulled its head underneath its curled up body (I associated it with humans hiding their heads under a thick pillow when putting up with kids' screaming and shouting, after trying to tell the kids to quiet down)..

We were lucky to see a komodo dragon, who had just shed, and the keeper was kneeling next to the dragon pulling some of the old skin left unshed. It was an amazing sight that we don't come across every day.. so I took a picture of it and gladly it came out well..

We also had a chance to touch a big live snake (a constricting one), who also just shed and was sleeping deeply.. Ariq and Aza saw the 'touch area' and we thought there would be little non-venomous snakes and tame lizzards for kids entertainment.. How surprised we were when we realized that the snakes they displayed there were big sleeping ones!! Ariq was a little scared of touching the snake, but Aza did not hesitate to lie down, roll around and patting the snake.. .. We kept saying to him, "Gentle, Aza.. Gentle.. you don't want to wake the snake!" ..

The keeper was sitting next to Aza, smiling and saying to us not to worry, as the snake would sleep for a long time and touches and pats would not disturb it at all..

After the kids had had enough playing in the Reptile Museum, we moved on to the Kids' Castle, where there were various kids rides and a fairy tale-like castle. The castle had a upper ground area where people could take pictures with the surrounding areas as backgrounds. Ariq and Aza chose a little fairy hole under a castle tower to have their picture taken..

It was really an exciting and full-of-fun holiday for the four of us..

Oh, a little note for all of you.. it seems like middle of the rainy season (end of year) like this is the time for tropical reptiles to shed and rest. So, if you are considering to travel to tropical places and have a glimpse of reptile lives, this time of year would be the perfect time to plan the trip.. the reptiles' skins are new and very beautifully shiny.. and they are all in very deep sleep, so there is a very good chance that visitors of reptile parks can have an experience of touching or sitting next to the reptiles and have photographs taken..


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  2. Hi Alena

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I'm glad that you enjoy reading my blog :-)

    You are most welcome to visit anytime.. :-)


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