Monday, 11 January 2010

Family Day on Motorbike

I have been on motorbike rides (as passenger, of course) many times, but it was always for compulsory travels (getting lift from my parents' driver, to and from work) or going to hawker's place with my husband.

Yesterday, my husband decided to take Ariq and me on his motorbike to 'Cilandak Town Square' for the Kidz Sunday event that the shopping area always has every Sunday. The ride was actually nice, we managed to get there without getting stuck in the traffic too much (the downside of driving a car in Jakarta).

My husband and I decided to take Ariq out for a treat (lunch and Timezone) after receiving Ariq's report book on Saturday and the result was above our expectation!

Nooo.. of course it's not A+ for all subjects, as we still received 'news' from school about detentions, etc., but the fact that Ariq managed to get good grades (especially science and computer) while he was still easily distracted in class during sessions, really surprised and relieved us at the same time.

Ariq's teachers say that Ariq is very analytical and he absorbs the study materials very fast, he only needs to improve his patient in keeping his focus in class -meaning: staying put and concentrating even when the subject being delivered is not his favourite one, and in conveying his ideas in to other people -meaning: he needs to be more structured and more polite in putting his ideas forward.

Gladly, Ariq's school has a special unit to help students with their personal development needs, from simple routine exercises to improve students' learning and/or social skills to specific and advanced treatment for special needs students. (I'm really glad that we have enrolled Ariq in this inclusive school, where students are not only taught about academic side but also the non-academic side of life, which I believe plays a far more important role in every person's life).

Anyway.. Ariq really loved the treat. His choice of lunch was pretty simple actually; his all-time favourite 'Spaghetti Bolognese'. As it was Kidz Sunday at the shopping complex, for any shopping or meal purchased at any outlet in the shopping complex for Rp 100.000,- (about US$12), we would receive a set of game tickets (about 10 different tickets) to play all the games setup by the complex management around the area for free.

After going around with Ariq (from one game to another), my husband and I decided to sit down at Burger King after putting some Timezone credit in Ariq's card. He played there for about 15 minutes then he came to sit with us.

We went home after getting t-shirts for Aza. This little guy is now at the stage of choosing his own outfit after every shower and the whole house is getting a headache because he won't wear anything with tags at the neck, and he won't wear anything without transformers, ben10, dragons, ghosts, swords or skeleton (no, the t-shirts don't have to be scary, but they have rules!).. so, we were happy to find one with Voltus-V holding the sword, one with cartoon Hellboy, and one with Chewbacca (I told him it was a nice ghost, and he loved it!).

Ah, it was a very nice day altogether.. :-)

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  1. Hi Indri, I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and couldn't stop reading your posts after that. I'm interested to hear more about Ariq's school. You see, I'm looking for a suitable school for my son, who is barely 2 years old, but well, I'm the control-freak-who-wants-everything-planned-for-the-next-10-years kind of mom. :)So, if you have time and don't mind sharing, would you kindly email me at elaine.sahuleka@gmail com? My best to Ariq, Aza and Kyra.


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