Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Beautiful Sky

These are pictures of one sunset afternoon that I took in the backyard.. I just thought that the sky looked very beautiful and I wanted to take a picture (I ended up taking several)..

I actually took this picture about a year ago, but somehow it ended up being stored in my sister-in-law's laptop.. (could be during the time my laptop was broken).

These pictures are nowhere near as beautiful as the real view, since I was only using a personal (pocket) digital camera and I had pretty much no photography skill at all, but at least I have these pictures to remind me of how beautiful the sky was that day..

Lovely sunset..


  1. nice pictures jeng!..jadi fotografer amatirpun nggak masalah, kalau mata hati kita sudah bicara...!

  2. hahaha, thank you Mba.. :-)

    bener juga Mba, taking pictures from the heart.. gak masalah mau pake DSLR, personal camera, atau bahkan HP mungil 2MB.. ;-P


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