Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ariq's birthday..

It was Ariq's birthday on the 19th of April..

But, guess who was having a blast??? Well.. this little brother, of course! Hahaha...

Ariq asked my parents to come over on his birthday  and bring a cake, since it was a school day (the grandparents were initially thinking about taking him out for lunch or dinner)..

When mum asked Ariq what cake he wanted, his answer was, "Oh, any choice will be nice, but.. it might be better to have Aza's favorite." -Aza's favorite, by the way, is strawberry cheese cake, with fresh-whole strawberries on top of the cake-.

On the same day, in the art and craft subject at school, Ariq's class had their party hats returned from grading.. so, yeah.. Aza had his favorite cake and a cute hat! Oh, he also had the honor of blowing the birthday candles for the second time.. ;-)

Our family has never been big on birthdays.. It looks like Ariq and Aza like it the same way.. we usually just have a family dinner (either at home with a special menu, or out in one of our favorite restaurants), and buy a cake to share at home.. Birthdays are usually lovely though, because we would all be relaxed -even the birthday boy is allowed to blow the candles wearing pyjamas- .. :-D



  1. happy belated banget birthday ya Ariq...semoga panjang umur, sehat , pintar dan selalu menjadi kebanggaan keluarga...amien

    salam dari Irfan dan Ican..

  2. Terima kasih, Tante Ami.. ;-)

    Cuma, kalo Ariq ini, ditawarin mau bawa apa ke sekolah untuk teman2, selalu gak mau.. hehe..

    Salam juga dari Ariq untuk Irfan dan Ican ya, Tante.. ;-)


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