Friday, 23 April 2010

The boys' busy afternoon

Ariq came home at 2 pm, bringing home 2 books from the school's book festival;

'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian'


'Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'.

Aza and I were reading the books, while Ariq was listening to the story and playing his game on the computer..

Then, Aza asked Ariq to print a picture of Lich King sword.. After that, they went to the minimarket to buy play-do, with which Ariq made a tank

and Aza made a Ninja Turtle eye mask.. ;-)

When they had enough, they went outside and played with the waterhose.. Quickly the nanny caught up with them and gave them their afternoon shower..

After having a serving of milk each (Ariq, chocolate.. Aza, natural),

now the boys are happily sitting with me in the study.. Ariq is back with his game, and Aza successfully 'forged' his own Lich King sword from scratch..

A very nice way to start my weekend.. :-)


  1. hahaha...Aza lucu bgt dengan topengnya ...!!

  2. Iya Mba.. Minggu lalu, Aza lagi seneng banget nonton Ninja Turtle.. hehehe... ;-)


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