Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hostile takeover!

Ariq: Can I sleep in your bed until mum and dad come in?

Aza: Nope. Last night you were too lazy to move and I couldn't sleep well..

Ariq: So?

Aza: Alright.. I'll sleep next to you on mum and dad's mattress..

Ariq: And where will they sleep then?

Aza: Don't know.. But I know you can't sleep alone.. Haha.. So just be quiet and go to sleep..

Nope.. I'm not typing the names the wrong way around.. Ariq is 7 years old and Aza is 3.5 years old.. And, Aza is the one who has been sleeping in his own bed at his own will.. But he will do almost anything for Ariq.. ;-)

And, yess.. We're squeezing tight tonight.. Just consider it a family camp night (we just watched 'Narnia - Prince Caspian' before bedtime)..

Night night, boys.. Sweet dream.. :-)

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