Thursday, 26 January 2012

All because of washing machines

Ariq: 2 spoons detergent, 1 cup softener, START

Almost forty years ago, two dedicated men were completing their university studies. They lived away from home, in a simple dorm house called 'Tontowi Jauhary'.

In the dorm house, they studied hard and learned many things from other people that enriched their lives. All the experience they gained throughout their stay have formed certain respect and affection towards the simple dorm house.

That respect and affection, led to the two men to make pact that they were going to add 'Jauhary' in their first sons' names. Jauhari is an Indonesian vocabulary taken from Arabic word, which means 'expert'.

Thirty six years ago, the first man, had his first son. He named his baby 'Achmad Tanjung Jauhari'.
Thirty years ago, the second man, had his first son. He named his baby 'Jauhary Arifin'.

Then, history brought us into this week..

Rrriinnggg.. (The phone in the living room rang). I quickly ran to answer it. It was a man's voice.

I: Yes..

Man: May I speak with Mrs. Jauhari?

I: Speaking.. (My answer was a little hesitant. My husband's 'Jauhari' part of his name is rarely mentioned by other people. In Indonesia, first and middle names get used far more often than last name.. and last name is not always a surname.. Therefore, I am more often addressed as Mrs. Achmad or Ms. Hutapea (my birth surname).

Man: I'm from Samsung, Ma'am.

I: Alright. Is there anything I can help you with? (I was on alert. An employee of a communication company (competitor of the company my husband is working for) is calling my husband.

Man: I'm calling about your washing machine.

I: Washing machine? (Phew, at least it wasn't a tricky job offer situation. However, still...) My washing machine is not a Samsung product. Are you sure you are calling the right customer?

Man: I believe I am, Ma'am. You are Mrs. Sinta Jauhary, right?

I quickly burst into laughter..

I: Oh, No, I'm not. Would you hold please, I will quickly get her..

Then I ran fast to my sister-in-law's room to get her.

Yes.. I am Mrs. Indri Jauhari .. and .. she is Mrs. Sinta Jauhary .. and we both live here ..

.. and ..

No.. The pact didn't involve any bethrotal arrangements .. The two only met after Father passed away..

.. so ..

Yes.. fairy tale still exists.. and I'm happy that it does..

Believe it or not.. Washing machines have made a pact not to let me rest..

Companies always want to make their products look and sound LUX.. but, too many LUX-es tend to confuse simple housewife (namely, ME)..


Rrriinnggg.. (My mobile phone rang). I answered it and it was a man's voice.

I: Yes..

Man: I'm from Electrolux, Ma'am.

I: Oh, yes, you texted me that you couldn't come on Saturday. You said you were coming on Tuesday.

Man: Yes, Ma'am. I'm sorry I couldn't finish the repair sooner. It was raining really hard. (In Indonesia, service technicians ride motorbikes to customers, so heavy rains can definitely mess up their schedule.) Now I have found the part and I can finish the repair today.

I: Part? What part? I thought this is just the routine service?

Man: No, Ma'am. This is not a routine service. You called us last week to service your washing machine. Your husband 'OK-ed' the purchase request for the broken part.

I: My husband? When did you see my husband?

Man: On Tuesday, Ma'am. When I did the checking.

I: Hang on.. (I called for a washing machine service, but my husband was supervising the work? On a Tuesday? Very unlikely! Moreover, I was definitely home on Tuesday -when my husband was at work- waiting for the guy, and he didn't show up!) .. Are you sure you are calling the right customer?

Man: I'm sure I am, Ma'am. You are Mrs. Hutapea, in Cipete, right?

I: (Shaking my head and exhaling heavily) No, I'm not. You have been contacting me about my parents' broken washing machine. Well, I don't live with them anymore.

Man: Oh, OK.. But is it alright if I come today around 11 to finish the repair?

I: Yes, sure. You can come around 11. I'll tell them that you are coming..


This one was really on me!

This is my fourth year living with Mother, and I still got the washing machines mixed up! Mum's washing machine is Electrolux .. Mother's is Luxindo! (Every year, Mother and I signed up for the quarterly routine service for the Luxindo machine).

I could've prevented this silliness, if I had realized the misunderstanding when the guy texted me on Tuesday.. 

.. and ..

You are allowed to laugh at me (roll on the floor if you want)..


  1. Ha ha ha....... So you can put the title "Just because of Washing Machine" or "Just because of Name" .....he he he ....

  2. @@Mother: Good idea.. I have changed the title.. ;-)


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