Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Walk of Memory

It was already late in the afternoon when I was walking on the path along the river. The sky was getting darker and the breeze was getting cooler.

All in a sudden, I remember the times when I was hiking along a pathway up on the mountain, with the rest of the 'Lily' girls.. talking, laughing, singing and cheering out our team yells..

It was nice of the memory to come by at such a nice late afternoon..

Then, as the surrounding went quieter, the sound of the river grew louder. The grass and the flowers were dancing softly to the wind.

The scenery reminded me of the moments before sunset at the camps. Sitting outside the tent, around the cooking fire, waiting for dinner to be ready. Laughing about our silly slips and falls during the day hike. Working out a plan for tomorrow..

I never forget, how good we were as a team. Our team work has become my inspiration. Our achievements have been my life-long motivations.. 

Nearing the end of the path, I started to hear the sounds of the night creatures. Roots, twigs and leaves started to form the shape of forest beings.. 

Unformed shadows brought me the memory of nights at the camps. Cramping in the tent, whispering, pointing at each other, giggling, in the dim of the lantern, until we finally fell asleep..

Then, our restful sleep would be paused by the wake up call for the night walk. We would hike on the same path. Walking past the same trees, twigs, leaves, flowers and grass. The only difference was the darkness around us..

Somehow, it was always enough to amplify the effects and results.. One call, and we would stop to wait. One call, and we would catch each other's hand. One call, was all we needed to keep each other safe.. By sunrise, we had become a stronger team..

What a late afternoon walk.. What a great memory.. My memory of 'Lily' girls.. All in a late afternoon walk..

'Lily' was the name of my patrol group in the Scout & Guide Brigade in Junior High School. We went on camps and hikes together, and won several medals as the best patrol.

Our patrol was solid for the whole three years of Junior High School, until the time came for us to go our own ways when we graduated and chose different Senior High Schools.

 -20 December 2011-

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