Tuesday, 23 March 2010

.. and .. the Tauren is down..!

The best thing with dad being home is that the boys can have a common opponent!

And the best victory for them is when they manage to defeat the Tauren together.. Hahahaha...

(Yess.. I live with these three 'World of Warcraft' fans!)


  1. Hua ha ha ha .... I Remember what were Tanjung and Dani doing to their father. They made cooperation to defeat their Father....And TWO BOYS enough to make their Father surrendered.
    So I wish, your next baby will be a girl.... Two Boys are enough ! he he he

  2. yes this shows that if we have the unity we can easily defeat others by our willpower.

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  3. @Mother: Let's see.. the big surprise in about one month or so.. is it going to be a girl??? Hehehe...

  4. @cometo: Thank you for your visit and comment.. :-)

    I have visited your website and blog. They provide great information about Cape Town.

    I hope the World Cup brings good things to Cape Town.. :-)


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