Thursday, 31 January 2013

Kyra and Dad's Ipad

Dad: Do you see my ipad?
Mum: No.. Isn't it in your bag?
Dad: No. Aza was still using it before he left for school. Can you check in our bedroom?
Mum: (checking).. No. It's not there..
Dad: Under the pillow? In the cupboard?
Mum: Nowhere.. I've checked all the places Aza usually hides things.
Dad: Oh well, I have to go..
Mum: I just hope he didn't take it to school..
Dad: I'm sure he didn't. He took it to our bedroom, and he left it on Kyra's bed.
Mum: Strange.. it's not there..
Dad: Don't worry, it will turn up.. See you tonight..

Kyra: (running from her nanny).. I want to play in mum's room..
Mum: Hi, sweety.. Aren't you supposed to be having lunch?
Kyra: Noooooo.... (rolling on her bed, and pulling the sheet.. then giggling)..
Mum: What is it?
Kyra: (pulling the ipad from beneath the bedsheet).. Dad's ipad!
Mum: Where was it? Dad was looking for it this morning..
Kyra: (laughing and giggling).. Under the sheet..
Mum: Who put it there?
Kyra: I did! (giggling again)..

I was speechless.. Neither Ariq nor Aza ever hide anything under the bedsheet. Their choices would be in the cupboard, behind the couch seats or one of the drawers in our bedroom.. Only one of my kids like to put things under the bedsheet.. KYRA!!

But, did she really hide the ipad? Can a little kid really think of something like that? I decided to wait until Aza come home..

Aza: Hi, Mum.. I'm home!
Mum: Hi, Aza.. How's school?
Aza: Good! (then he spotted the ipad on the computer table).. Why didn't Dad take the ipad to work?
Mum: Where did you put it this morning?
Aza: I put it on Kyra's pillow on her bed. Dad knew. Why?
Mum: Dad and I were looking every where for it. He finally left without it.
Aza: How come? Where was it?
Mum: Kyra hid it under the bedsheet..
Aza: (looking at me with his mouth wide open).. Serious, Mum?
Mum: Yes...

Oh no.. my almost-three-year-old daughter can hide his dad's ipad.. I thought this wasn't going to happen this soon..

-31 Jan 2013-


  1. hahhahaha.... ur lil girl's story make me laugh on this sunny morning....blessing Kyra..

  2. @Mba Ami: She might be little, but she is 'dangerous' ... hahahaha... Thanks for dropping by, Mba.. :-)


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