Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dove Orchids

Last Saturday, our cook came up to me and passed on Mother's message, that she wanted me to take pictures of the white flowers. Mother had already left for her Saturday Senior Citizen Morning Exercise, so I couldn't ask her more about what kind of pictures she had in mind or borrow her camera.

I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting at the while flowers outside the window. The cook ran and shouted, "No! Not that flower! Grandma said the little ones, the ones that smell very nice. They just happen to be blooming this morning and they won't stay long. You must take pictures quickly."

Ah.. I understand which flowers she was talking about. I looked behind me.. and there they were, blooming beautifully around the palm tree bark, spreading a fresh fragrance around the front yard.. The little 'Dove Orchids.'

I really had to take as many pictures as possible during the day, because Dove Orchids only bloom for 24 hours, then, it would be over. I took lots of pictures from every angles, hoping that some of them will come out perfect.

After taking the pictures, the boys were up, and I had to catch up with our lives, so the camera had to wait for my next free-time.

On Sunday morning, I took a look at the pictures and I realized that the pictures were good, but the problem with the camera I was using was that the colors did not come out as well as I hoped. I quickly ran to Mother's room and asked to borrow her camera.

Most of the orchids were already closed, only a few were still opened. I tried to take as many pictures as possible, as fast as possible, before they completely withered. Then, I quickly extracted and edited the pictures.

All the flowers are now gone, and the pictures I took might not be the best pictures in the world (since I'm not a professional photographer), but, I'm sure you can see the beauty in those little orchids by looking at my pictures.

Dove Orchids are so beautiful and I can almost smell them while writing this post.

Even this little bee is enjoying the company of the Dove Orchids for the day..

We know you want a better quaff


  1. Nice pictures.... Thank you very much !

  2. @Mother: You're most welcome.. :-)


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