Saturday, 26 February 2011

Aza and snake.. again..

Today was Lazuardi Smart Day.. and the theme was.. 'Let's be Animals' Friends'..
Someone (a higher level student), had an idea to bring her/his pet (a snake and a tarantula) to school..
Aza saw the snake, and as can be guessed, he wanted to have his picture taken with the snake.. :-)
Ariq was also having a good time.. He played the drum on stage.. :-)
A very nice day.. ;-)


  1. haduh haduuuhh....Aza pemberani banget yaaaa...
    Tante Ta malah belum pernah pegang ular nih...kayaknya kok geli ya...hihihihi...

    Pertahankan yaaa pemberani-nya :) :)


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