Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Aza's trip to the tofu factory (pabrik tahu)

Last Thursday, Aza's class went to a tofu factory as a class excursion. The kids were allowed to bring Rp 5,000.- (US$ 0.50) to buy some tofu. When Aza got home, Mother asked him about his trip to the tofu factory..

Mother: Wow, Aza.. You went to the tofu factory?
Aza: (excitedly) Yes, I did!
Mother: So, how was it?
Aza: (serious look on his face) Well, it was pretty hard..
Mother: (holding back a burst of laughter) Wow! I'm sure it is very hard for me, because I don't know how to make tofu..
Aza: Well, Grandma, it was really quite difficult..
Mother quickly left the room, not to worry Aza further..

The next morning, while having breakfast, Aza was having breakfast with the tofu he bought at the factory. So, I asked him about the trip.
(Aza is 4 years old and sometimes still confused with similar words)

Me: The tofu you bought is nice.
Aza: Is this the tofu I bought?
Me: Yes, this is it. So.. What did the factory look like?
Aza: It was big and there was a lot of 'keledai' (donkey)
Me: Wow, a lot of 'kedelai' (soybean)?
Aza: (grinning) 'ke.. de.. lai..' Yeah.. The soybean was blended, then stirred, then boiled, then made into boxes, then put into plastic bags for us to take home..
(It sounds too simple to be true, but Aza actually got it right!)
Me: Sounds like a lot of work..
Aza: It was!
Me: Well, thank you for bringing some home.
Aza: THREE.. Everyone had exactly three pieces to take home.. Not four, not five, not one and not two.. But exactly THREE!
(Yes, you guessed right.. Aza is in that phase where he loves to show off that he can count properly)

The picture above was of the tofu after being cut into quarters and shallow fried.. ;-)

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