Friday, 13 August 2010

Photo time..

Dad: I've got you, Aza.. You can't runaway..

Aza: Move your head, Dad.. It's heavy! Haha.. I've got your hand, Kyra!

Kyra: No.. No.. Aza, don't bite my hand! Ariq, move your fingers! I want my face in the picture..

Ariq: Take TWO! Quick, Mum.. Before Kyra cries..

Mum: Hold still, guys! Stop talking! Stop moving! This one has to be perfect..

Dad: Be still, Aza!

Aza: I'm bored.. Glad that Kyra's hand looks nice..

Kyra: Oh no.. He's going to chew on my hand..

Ariq: I've run out of smile here..

Mum: 'click' .. Ugh.. Can we do it one more time?

Everyone: Not a chance!

Mum: Ah, well.. At least I have the four of you in one nice picture now.. ;-)


  1. Grandma :" Hooo, It is incomplete picture ! Actually Mum should be there. So tell me when you are all five guys ready to be shot, I will take the picture."
    Dad, Mum, Ariq, Aza, and Kyra :" Never...Again !!"
    All :" Ha ha ha ha ...."
    Grandma (thought)....(I understand how difficult to make the children calm for a moment.......)

  2. Especially Aza, Mother..
    Not only it is always hard to get him to calm down.. it is also hard to get him to be in a picture together.. He likes to be ALONE in pictures and pretends to be a celebrity.. Hahahaha...


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