Saturday, 24 July 2010

Being (over) creative on the mobile phone..

I'm still at the stage of being a 'photographic mother' whenever I see Kyra up and smiling.. Once I manage to capture a 'perfect' picture of her -meaning she is not closing her eyes or suddenly crying- I edit the picture on my mobile phone and send the picture to Mum and Mother.. :-)

This evening.. Aza caught me editing Kyra's picture and this is what happened...

This is the original photo that I took of Kyra..

This is the picture after I edited it..
This is the picture after Aza made his 'additional' editing..
Hhhmmmppphhhh.... Creativity can really mean two different things for me and Aza.. :-P


  1. hihihi..asyik ya main2 sama Aza..kayaknya dia bakal jadi anak yang kreatif niy..salam dari tante ami!

  2. Iya nih, Tante Ami.. Aza bisa jadi 'super' kreatif kadang-kadang.. ;-P

    Teachersnya bilang dia kreatif dan sangat tekun di kelas.. Hehehe..


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