Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My Spiders Are Still Around

I haven't been watching the spiders in days, but the last few days, I realised that they were still around.

The female (yellow and black with very thin legs) have moved her web twice. First to the top of the bushes next to the front gate, and then to the left side of the the bushes, which is in front of the car garage.

This latest spot is at the right height from the ground for picture taking, which I don't need a stool or anything to be able to get a clear shot from almost any angle I want, and the pictures turned out very nice (I've only been taking pictures with my Nokia 6120c mobile phone).

The male (brownish colour) was found inside the house, in and around the bathroom area. It was quite big (the one shot on the wooden corner). I haven't see it during the last couple of days though. My guess is either he mated with the female and then was eaten, or it came across a gecko and became its meal.. (the two most likely things to happen to it).

Two days ago, I found another male. This one was smaller (younger, I think). It was sitting on the railing of the shower rolling door (the corner with gold colour).

I managed to get good pictures this time, as they were sitting at the right spots for me and my mobile phone :-)

As I can't promise to put up anymore photos of the spider family here after this, please enjoy!

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