Friday, 17 April 2009

There is always a challenge

Right when I thought I was getting better at prettying up my blogs, I decided to choose a template that I really like, the 'Rounder', which had the more rounded corners on each element. It turned out that I had to admit that I wasn't that advanced in working with HTML format of blog templates :-P

I really like the rounder template, but it needs more work in doing, as I need to make the image of the corners myself, or at least adjust the images that the creator created for the original template and I haven't had much experience in image creating software (such photoshop or paint).

After doing a few trial-and-error with the original 'Rounder' template, I had a good idea of what I need to learn to be able to do it in the future (nowhere near getting it done in the short future, though)..

The book that I have (which I wrote about in here about a week ago), was only explaining how to do a blog makeover with the simplest template, 'Minima' and as a non-computer scientist, I think I did a satisfying job using the 'Strech Denim' template based on the instructions laid out in the book.

I will find other books to learn about more complex blog template adjustments, but for now, I am staying with 'Stretch Denim' as it is the one that I like and I can work comfortably with. I will deal with this challenge as I go.

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